Authorized Telkom Dealer

Terms & Conditions

I, being the undersigned, declare, agree and confirm that:

1. If acting in a representative capacity, that I am duly and fully authorised to do so. I personally hereby indemnify and hold Telkom harmless for any damages
suffered by it, should it at any stage appear that I’m not so authorised.

2. The information supplied herein with regard to me is complete, true and correct as at date of signature/electronic processing hereof.

3. Electronic processing of the transaction (telephonically or via Internet portal) will be binding on me, as if I have signed a physical application form, upon:
a) my agreement via tick box and submission of the online application form; or
b) my verbal confirmation of the existence of the agreement during the telephonic application process.

4. I shall be in breach of the Agreement by cancelling any debit order without the prior written consent of Telkom or where any debit order payment is returned
unpaid or stopped. In such case, Telkom will have the right to suspend my account until such arrears amounts together with interest thereon at the interest rate
have been received and paid in full. Telkom furthermore reserves the right to appoint external collection agencies that will be authorised to act on Telkom’s
behalf in the collection of any outstanding amounts. In addition, Telkom and/or its authorised collection agencies will also have the right to make use of NAEDO
to collect the arrears amount, in which case I will be liable for all associated costs.

I am bound to the terms and conditions applicable to the transaction, including but not limited to:

1. Telkom’s standard terms and conditions for the provision of electronic communication services and products (fixed-line services and products), available at

2. Telkom’s mobile subscriber terms and conditions (mobile services and products), available at

3. Product-specific terms and conditions related to the service and/or product I have applied for, as indicated on any promotional material and/or on Telkom’s
official product website ( and/or communicated to me telephonically during a telephonic application process.

4. Spend limit refers to a maximum amount set to allow customers to purchase additional data bundles or stay connected by making OOB (Out Of Bundle)
calls/usage in case they deplete their inclusive benefits during the month. Permanent spend limit for customers that renewed or signed new contracts with
Telkom is automatically set at R1500 per month. However, customers can adjust their temporary and permanent spend limits by simply dialling *180# and
choosing the Manage Spend Limit option on the USSD menu. Alternatively, it can be done through the Telkom portal by copying the following link into the
browser: Note: Changes on the permanent spend limit are effective on the 1st of the
following month, whereas changes on the temporary spend limit are effective immediately.

I declare myself familiar with and bound to the content of said terms and conditions. I hereby consent to Telkom credit-vetting this application.

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